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Things to do with my work life.

Bill Diamond’s Talk: Critical Thinking in Science

Bill Diamond is one of my colleagues and my mentor at work. He’s reaching the end of his distinguished career as a full-time scientist, though I highly doubt that even in retirement will he ever stop being a scientist. For … Continue reading

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I have a permanent job!

It’s now final—I have a permanent job with the AECL! The formal job offer came in the mail last week, and I completed the paperwork this week. My start date for this position is Halloween (hopefully this job will be … Continue reading

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I’m in Deep River

I just thought I’d let people know that I’m in Deep River now. I’m right in the middle of downtown, as you can see on this map. I’ve almost finished setting up my place too. So far everything is fantastic. … Continue reading

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I Have a New Job!!!

I just signed a job offer for the Deep River Science Academy about a week and a half ago! Due to the moving of stuff in our house, I haven’t really been able to use my computer ’till now. So, … Continue reading

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No More Tire

Well, I’ve been laid off from Canadian Tire. I guess it’s on to bigger and better things, whatever that might be. It was kind of funny. I was awoken up by my old Canadian Tire boss calling to find out … Continue reading

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Canadian Tire

While I’m looking for other work (since it seems the jobs at the hospital all fell through), I got a job at Canadian Tire in Kanata. It’s my first retail job (and hopefully my last). They have me in auto … Continue reading

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