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Accessing PC Financial Online Banking in Linux

So, it wasn’t that PC Financial’s online banking server was retardedly slow. It also wasn’t that my laptop was improperly configured. It was that PC Financial’s servers don’t properly handle TCP Window Scaling (at least the way that Linux follows … Continue reading

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Watch Band Adjustment for Casio PAW1200T-7V

I recently purchased a Casio PAW1200T-7V watch as an “I got a real job” present. It’s a fantastic watch, though it is quite a bit larger than I expected (especially in thickness). After putting an invisibleSHIELD on the watch, I … Continue reading

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Say no to OOXML

Microsoft is looking to push a new Office file format as an ISO standard. While this in itself isn’t a bad thing, what they’re pushing as the standard really isn’t useful to anyone other than Microsoft. Help support openness and … Continue reading

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How to flash a SpeedTouch DSL modem in Linux

It took me the longest time to figure out how to flash my SpeedTouch DSL modem under Linux, but I finally got it working. I use Mandriva Linux, so you may have do some alterations for your Linux flavour. The … Continue reading

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New Web Server

The folks over at Canadian Web Hosting have upgraded their plans from a few GB of storage and a couple hundred GB of bandwidth to 300 GB of storage and 3500 GB of bandwidth! Sweet-ass! Anyhow, in order to have our account … Continue reading

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