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My Broken Husky Powerwasher

Earlier on in the year, I bought a Husky Powerwasher HU2000CA. Jen and I first used it just over a month ago, and guess what: it broke during the first use. I’m currently trying to get it fixed. They actually … Continue reading

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Bill Diamond’s Talk: Critical Thinking in Science

Bill Diamond is one of my colleagues and my mentor at work. He’s reaching the end of his distinguished career as a full-time scientist, though I highly doubt that even in retirement will he ever stop being a scientist. For … Continue reading

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Accessing PC Financial Online Banking in Linux

So, it wasn’t that PC Financial’s online banking server was retardedly slow. It also wasn’t that my laptop was improperly configured. It was that PC Financial’s servers don’t properly handle TCP Window Scaling (at least the way that Linux follows … Continue reading

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My New Favourite Socks

Yes, this is a post about socks. Why, you may be asking, am I posting about socks? Well, for those that know me well, you probably know that my feet tend to be sweaty a lot of the time. Not … Continue reading

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We’re moving to Deep River

With me having a new permanent job, and Jen on maternity leave, and with a couple week break between my current contract and my new job, we will be moving to Deep River during the last few weeks of October. … Continue reading

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I have a permanent job!

It’s now final—I have a permanent job with the AECL! The formal job offer came in the mail last week, and I completed the paperwork this week. My start date for this position is Halloween (hopefully this job will be … Continue reading

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Julie Week 1 Photos

Here’s more Julie photos for those that are asking for them. She’s doing quite well, and is scheduled to finish up her stay at the hospital today. So, I’m sure when I head back to Ottawa, Jen will have a … Continue reading

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I’m a Father!

I’m a father now. Technically, I became a father a few days ago at 00:09 on 2008-09-12. So, I am now a father to Angela Juliette Dugal, who was born at The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic Campus with a mass of … Continue reading

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Jen is Being Induced

For those that aren’t counting, Jen’s 5 days overdue. So, today at her doctor’s appointment, they decided it would be best to induce labour, taking into consideration Jen’s high blood pressure and heart condition. Right now, we’re just sitting around … Continue reading

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I’m in Deep River

I just thought I’d let people know that I’m in Deep River now. I’m right in the middle of downtown, as you can see on this map. I’ve almost finished setting up my place too. So far everything is fantastic. … Continue reading

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