My Broken Husky Powerwasher

Earlier on in the year, I bought a Husky Powerwasher HU2000CA. Jen and I first used it just over a month ago, and guess what: it broke during the first use.

I’m currently trying to get it fixed. They actually have an interesting system to fix customer issues—they appear to only communicate online (which I suppose is fine as telephone conversations leave much to be desired for troubleshooting). So, I’m hoping this will work out quite well (whenever I get the time to actually work on getting the pressurewasher repaired).

Anyhow, my problem is that the pressure washer has sprung a leak. I’m honestly not sure what the part is that’s leaking, but technical support suggests that I “adjust the manifold”, and they gave me some instructions to do so. I just tried to follow their instructions, and I get lost in the first step. It sure would be nice if they sent diagrams with their instructions so I know what they’re talking about.

Well, for what it’s worth (and for the people at technical support), here are some picture’s of the leak.

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3 Responses to My Broken Husky Powerwasher

  1. Cliff says:

    Just as a follow up, the people at technical support realized that they gave me the wrong information after reviewing the images. They then diagnosed the issue as a broken manifold, and sent me a replacement piece free of charge. I installed the piece, and the pressure washer seems to work again. :)

  2. Herb Hampton says:

    Have the same problem, not once but three times I have replaced the manifold. If you are handy here is a solution to the manifold leak problem. Remove the manifold as directed on their web site. Remove the plug clip over the plug that is leaking( it is not used for any function that I know) with pliers and you will find that the O ring is damaged due to a poor plug design, the body dia. is to small and allows the O ring to blow out under high pressure. Tap the manifold hole with a 1/2-20 tap, bottom tap if you have one. Got a bottom tap for $6 on ebay. Go to Ace hardware and buy a 1/2-20 allen screw. put some caulk on the allen screw and thread it into the tapped hole. It will not leak again.

  3. Cliff says:

    Thanks Herb!

    I have only used the pressure washer a few more times and have not yet experienced this issue again. I kept the broken manifold, so if I ever do need to repair it, then at least I have a manifold to practise on.

    I do wonder if the piece that fails is some sort of overpressure protection device. If so, then the disabling of the part as you suggest would mean the removal of an important safety system, possibly putting the pressure washer’s operator at risk if the pressure sensor failed.

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